CEO speaking

Passion, expertise and networks
– one way of boosting competitiveness

With every year’s experience I have as a manager and expert in supply chain management, I am becoming more and more convinced that passion and skills are the key differences between success and failure. System support, organisational structures and processes are crucial, but being passionate about your work and possessing the right skills allow you to reach your goals.

Sonat has more than 15 years experience of developing skills needed to serve as a partner to our customers and work in close cooperation in order to boost their competitiveness. Our passion and joy in the face of challenges is the foundation of our growth.

Creating customer value with partners is a given. “Alone is strong” no longer applies. Companies that involve their partners improve their competitiveness and profitability.

Networks must be constructed with creativity and innovation. Look at a child’s creativity when given a box of Lego. No two children will build the same model.

A company developing its supply network has a box of Lego. Each piece of Lego represents a specialist and a feasible part of the network. It is when the company selects partners and engages specialists to work together, that the unique situations arise.

Sonat has developed based on this view of networking enterprise since 2000. Today we offer outsourcing of logistics departments and administrative logistics processes and consulting services within supply chain management.

Our passion and expertise mean we have created a corporate culture that stands for development and change. We call ourselves development partners in supply chain management.

Our sense of security lies in the belief that everything can be done better. Our passion and natural driving force are generating new opportunities to improve and see things without blinkers and limiting attitudes.

Try us – together we will achieve your goals!