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magnus richardsson

Magnus Richardsson


Over the years that Magnus has worked at Sonat, his assignments have varied considerably, ranging from everything from customer service to logistics. He is currently working as a logistician for three of Sonat’s customers, with a range of work tasks that provide massive opportunities to develop.

It was precisely these development opportunities that convinced Magnus to apply for a job at Sonat, which meant that he really enjoyed working here from the very first moment. He says that there is a great atmosphere that exudes ambition and where employees display a great drive combined with expertise.

I am driven by challenges. Here at Sonat there are multiple opportunities to develop by trying new things and switching assignments.

Karl-Johan Eklund

Operations Manager

Karl-Johan has operational responsibility for Sonat’s outsourcing customers within Freight. Although Karl-Johan has worked at Sonat for many years, he still thinks that the workplace remains an exciting and challenging arena.

The best things about Sonat are the variety and flexibility. As Sonat operates in many different industries, there is a wealth of opportunities for employees to grow. Karl-Johan emphasises that the diverse work environment provides our employees with a breadth of knowledge that is difficult to match at other companies.

The atmosphere in the office is amazingly relaxed and friendly. They are a great bunch who look out for each other. Our work is based on cooperation and exchange, so it is important that we help each other out.


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