All transport development starts with your customer offering

Freight Management

Transport is an important part of the supply chain and the offering to your customers. In order to meet your customers’ requirements, reduce environmental impacts and costs, and improve efficiency, a traditional procurement process with price negotiations is inadequate. Transportation requires elaborate design, based on the customer offering. This is our successful method for Freight Management:


The design provides an overall picture of the present situation and the preferred future mode of transport solutions. We conduct a survey using data collection and interviews with key individuals, then we analyse and describe the present situation and set a benchmark.

We organise workshops in order to generate a common view of the significance of transport solutions for the company’s competitiveness. Sales, purchasing, logistics and production must all work towards the same goals and agree on the way forward. We develop one or more transport solutions on this basis.

It is the design of the transport solutions that provides major cost savings and reduces environmental impact!

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Procurement has clearly defined steps. We start by developing a platform – an RFQ – that in addition to strategic, tactical and operational requirements also contains requirements for measurement, analysis and monitoring. Once completed, we select candidates and conduct the procurement. As a customer you participate with the extend you desire, but all decisions are made by you. Finally, we develop the commercial platform – a complete transport contract.


This phase is often overlooked, even though it ensures the success of the project. The new transport solutions and providers must start being used in the correct manner. We formulate an implementation plan, describe the operational processes for what are called SOPs (standard operating procedures), train, set procedures for measurement and monitoring, and assist in the commissioning process. We ensure that the new solutions are turned into reality.


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