Development and design of a company’s supply chain must always be based on customer preferences

Strategic advice

Our approach to, a strategic feasibility study, has been developed over many years of operation. Kjell Rundqvist is considered as one of the foremost experts in supply chain management in Sweden. His extensive experience forms the basis for the service.

Sonat’s strategic platform

The service includes inquiry, analysis, design and development in four areas:

Customer offering

All forms of development and design of a company’s supply chain must be based on customer preferences, as well as what is needed to increase a company’s competitiveness.


Achieving the set objectives means that responsibilities, processes and interfaces must be well organised. Ambiguity is often a source of inefficiency and incomplete implementation of designed solutions.

Flow design

Flows are designed to meet the requirements for cost efficiency and service, primarily in the form of availability, lead times and flexibility. Flow design also includes physical flows, warehouse production and the associated administrative processes.

IT platform

The appropriate IT support is essential for supply chain management to function properly. It includes the development, use and management of the IT platform.

Implementation and results

The feasibility study is based on the premise of developing step by step. Every situation generates a new situation that must have an impact on the next step. The feasibility study is conducted together with you as a customer. A vital component is workshops that feature key human resources at the organization.

At the highest level, the service aims to:

  • create consensus on how the supply chain affects and supports the company’s strategic goals;
  • define a common vision, that is a detailed description of the future supply chain;
  • identify and prioritise a number of areas for action, in both the short and long term, based on the analysis of the current situation and vision;
  • develop an action plan on how the change process is to be implemented.

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