Maximum efficiency through fourth party logistics, 4PL

Improve your competitiveness through expertise

Today’s competition is driving specialisation. In order to handle the competition your operations need to be cost-effective and flexible, offer good customer service and have the right skills. Your company can ensure it has a superior competitive edge through partnerships and networks that enhance your skills. It is all about outsourcing logistics and supply chain management (SCM). Generate maximum efficiency through fourth-party logistics – 4PL.

Through Sonat, you gain access to:


  • unique expertise in supply chain management
  • an efficient logistics network
  • complete methods for implementation and operation
  • defined processes for work

Outsourcing logistics – completely or partially

You can outsource your total logistics function or just one element to us – for example, a shipping function or after-market logistics. Whatever the assignment, we take on responsibility for planning, monitoring and problem-solving, design and development. With 4PL, we take a holistic approach.

Independent partner with responsibility for the results

We are independent of carriers, warehouse operators and other players in the logistics market. As an independent partner, we always choose the solutions that are the best for you. We assume full responsibility for the results we deliver, even though other parties may be conducting activities in the process. We define unambiguous KPIs, and measure and implement continuous improvements.

Sonat manages your logistics and supply chain management together. With 4PL all components work as an effective whole.


Indefinite time period or Build-Operate-Transfer

As a rule our fourth party logistics assignments are implemented for an indefinite time period, with agreed and regular status checks on scope, results and development. Sometimes the assignments are of limited duration, known as Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT).

BOT is about developing the customer’s logistics organisation and generating new, and necessary, skills. Sonat assumes responsibility for the design, carries out development and ensures that processes, methods and tools work. The new function is then handed over in its finished format to the customer’s internal organisation.

Örebro – centre for fourth party logistics

Some 60 employees work in Örebro, where they run and develop an extensive global supply network with great dedication.


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