Generating a shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations

The delivery offering is crucial for customer satisfaction

Customers on the web are well informed about sites and prices. The range and service that were good yesterday is a matter of course today. Surveys show that the winners are those who manage to generate a positive shopping experience. Delivery promises, perceived delivery service and communication with customers are decisive.

Your customers

  • would like to choose when and how the goods will be delivered
  • would like to know when the product will arrive
  • set high requirements for service, including deliveries and returns management
  • have different needs for delivery solutions and service
  • would like to handle returns flexibly
  • want to feel safe before check-out (complete the purchase)
  • want a professional dialogue and communication with the supplier

e-commerce Control Tower by Sonat

We have developed a control tower solution for e-commerce deliveries, eCom Control Tower, as a way to maximise the shopping experience. The control tower is staffed by skilled logisticians and customer support staff with reliable IT support. The control tower monitors deliveries and works proactively to anticipate and solve problems.

Moreover, it communicates quickly with end customers affected by unforeseen events in the delivery flow. All questions about deliveries are answered by email or phone. The control tower gathers statistics that include delivery service, quality, non-conformance and returns. It creates conditions for the analysis of flows and works on improvements and the development of delivery solutions.

eCom Control Tower gives your customer

A positive shopping experience

  • Reliable, clearly defined delivery promises
  • Quick and professional non-conformance management
  • Strengthens the brand and customer relationship

Better information

  • The end customer gets up-to-date, timely information about events in the supply chain
  • Gives the ability to direct information such as promotions and offers

Better support

  • Dedicated customer support concerning delivery issues
  • Quick handling of returns and claims

Improved delivery quality

  • Identifies and responds to problems proactively

IT platform for eCom Control Tower

Sonat’s IT platform, SCIP, is a important component of the eCom Control Tower service.

System integration

Effectively integrates information from various systems such as order systems, CXM systems, web servers, warehouse management- and transport management systems. We can handle all formats and provide APIs for a range of interfaces. Our integration management ensures compliance with our customers’ requirements for availability, monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Using Connect, and some of the top applications on the market, we have developed unique solutions for eCom CT. The most decisive is the proactive monitoring of all deliveries, as well as a platform for event-driven communications to end customers. The functionality and system support enable us to manage very large volumes of customer orders.

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