No more overcharges, reduced internal handling costs and total invoice control

A complete service

Sonat offers a complete service called Freight Cost Management (FCM) for the payment and control of freight invoices. The service also includes an option to allocate freight costs to your cost centers, for example projects, customers or markets.

FCM streamlines internal management and eliminates incorrect payments. It makes life easier for both the finance and the logistics departments.

FCM checks and retrieves incorrectly invoiced freight costs, which normally amount to 4–6% of the cost of the freight volume.

FCM streamlines the handling cost of freight invoices with up to 70%

Do you want to…

  • have control over your freight invoice process
  • retrieve overcharges
  • be able to allocate freight costs to customers and sales companies based on actual costs
  • work with fact-based documentation rather than standard costs

Costs related to transportation are often hidden and generate uncertainty.

About invoice control (FCM)

With our invoice control service, FCM, you only pay for what you have agreed with your carriers. We handle the entire payment flow and perform an automated check – a three-way match in real time. The invoice is compared to the underlying contractual price and the completed shipment.

The invoice control service (FCM) includes:

  • Receipt of freight invoices
  • Payment to the carrier as per agreement
  • Three-way matching in real time to identify discrepancies
  • Ensuring credits from the supplier after incorrect invoicing
  • Invoicing of freight costs including cost allocation and coding
  • Reports and statistics

Option of adding additional services:

  • Freight calculator for correct pricing of quotes. Calculation of the actual freight costs based on the freight agreement
  • Calculation of the actual freight costs, while the delivery is being loaded. The purpose is to invoice for actual freight costs to the end customer
  • Customized reports

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