A robust integration platform along with the best IT tools for the supply chain

Supply Chain Integrated Platform

That is what we call our IT platform. It consists of an integration platform, Connect, with ready-made connections to selected IT tools. We have selected the requisite IT tools to suit the needs of our customers in the supply chain.

Flexibility and the opportunity to choose

Our outsourcing (4PL) assignments are seldom exactly alike. Each company has its own conditions regarding flows, organisation and IT. Thanks to our platform, we have been able to provide many alternative IT solutions. For example, we can utilise your existing transport management system.

Security and advanced analysis

As a customer, you own your data and have full access to it. We can also produce reports and conduct a more advanced analysis. Combining shipment, order and item information provides you with a valuable platform for decision-making.


  • Transport management (TMS)
  • Control of transport invoices (three-way verification of invoices to shipments and agreements)
  • Freight calculator
  • Proactive monitoring, events and alerts
  • Case management
  • Communication with end user (email and text)
  • Environmental measurement and analysis
  • Customs management
  • Procurement
  • Reports (EDI, online and mobile platforms)
  • Advanced analyses

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Full responsibility for the solution

We take full responsibility for the IT tools that are applied in our assignments. Our team is responsible for frontline support for all IT issues. We carefully regulate second line support with our system suppliers.

Paus mörk

Regarding the integration platform, we have an established partnership with systems integrator, e-man Connect, part of Enfo.


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