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Engage a partner to manage your administrative activities in the supply chain. We are talking about procurement, replenishment, order management, master planning, forecasting and all activities in the transport process, both in- and outbound flows.

Supply Chain Control Tower

At Sonat we operate our customer’s complete logistics department – a supply chain control tower.  There can be several reasons:

The company is in a phase of construction or expansion

The operational side needs to be up and running immediately, but the company lacks adequate resources. Sonat sets up a properly functioning supply chain quickly and efficiently.

The company is realigning its business goals and organisation, creating a new supply chain

A typical example is a manufacturing company opening up aftermarket as its own profit centre. Aftermarket logistics has offerings and requirements beyond the traditional supply chain.

The company realises its core business and skills do not lie in supply chain

Focus should lie on the core business, in areas such as product development, manufacturing or sales. A natural step is to let an external expert manage the supply chain.

Sonat’s control tower solution for supply chain management typically includes the following responsibilities:

  • Transport planning
  • Transport management
  • Daily monitoring and problem-solving
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Administration of transport agreements
  • Customs management


  • Forecasting and master planning
  • Order completion
  • Stock replenishment
  • Inventory control
  • Performance Management, measuring performance of 3rd party logistics providers like carriers and 3PL warehouses
  • Reporting and analysis

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