Focusing on the results, not just the execution

A central function

The transport control tower, i.e. Freight Control Tower, is a central function that, with the aid of IT tools, is able to provide an overview of the entire transport flow and monitors and ensures the required delivery service.

We at Sonat have extensive experience in transport control tower solutions. Our well-developed methods and tools, and our highly skilled staff, form the basis of the customer value we deliver. We work on the basis of a genuine partnership, where the solution will benefit both parties.

Not dependent of other logistics actors

Sonat is independent of other logistics operators. Obviously, we work with other logistics operators as they are a part of the transport chain. But cooperation is based on your business needs and your customer offering.
We have no physical assets, such as inventory and vehicles, but we have great expertise in logistics and excessive experience. Sonat provides a pure solution for fourth-party logistics (4PL).

 The five cornerstones of the transport control tower

Skills and experience

Recruitment is crucial for us. Our employees possess a combination of academic training and solid experience in various industries and positions.

Mandate to act

 The framework defines our mandate to respond to issues or events in the process. This is key for efficiency and safety.

Clearly defined processes and interfaces

Each assignment is defined within a framework. This conveys the exact operators that are involved in the various parts of the process and how the interfaces with your organisation are configured. We serve as your internal department and attend the necessary meetings.

Responsibility for results

Sonat assumes full responsibility for the results of the processes defined in the framework, for example, a return flow whereby products are transported from the customer back to inventory. We will not give up on a transaction until it is completed, no matter what operators are involved.

Content of the control tower

A transport control tower may involve different areas of responsibility, depending on the needs of the customer. But these elements are almost always included:

  • Transport Administation (inbound and/or outbound)
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Monitoring and daily problem-solving
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Performance Management, i.e. monitoring of suppliers’ performance, for example carriers and third-party logistics operators


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