How does the best supply chain in your industry look like?

Set a strategy

There is no given best supply chain in any industry. Best practice – yes, of course, but there are many factors that govern precisely what you should be doing at your company. The best solution is quite simply to set a strategy and adhere to it. Look at H&M and Zara – two giants in the retail sector, with entirely different solutions for their supply chain process.

Extensive experience and expertise

At Sonat we work with most industries, from pharmaceuticals and agriculture to electronics manufacturing. We want to highlight two business areas where we definitely have the most experience and knowledge in supply chain management.

With Sonat, you get:

Analytical implementers that


  • combine traditional development work at a strategic level with hands-on implementation.
  • conduct major outsourcing operations within fourth party logistics on behalf of a number of retail, e-commerce and industrial companies.
  • offer an experienced team that sticks to set plans and carries out the work.

A flexible development partner that


  • sees itself as your development department, with great flexibility in terms of both resources and skills.
  • adapts to suit your particular situation and acts in the long term.
  • can be governed by a project budget that, in consultation with you, we adapt to suit your particular circumstances and needs. We are cost-effective, goal-oriented and flexible.

Qualified industrial specialists with


  • extensive expertise and practical experience in line roles in several types of industries.

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