How does your supply chain stand to the competitors?

Manufacturing industry

Competition is growing. Customers are becoming more demanding. Key concepts for success are accessibility, flexibility, short lead times and cost efficiency. At the same time, supply networks are becoming more international. The capability to develop and operate international supply chains is imperative.

Transport solutions

Need to expand or improve? We are here to help you, whether it is a control tower solution (4PL), or a transport design with its related procurement and implementation (Freight Management).

Aftermarket logistics

Upon delivery of the materials, priority is given to new production. An analysis of the range based on the consumption of spare parts is not in focus, or is missing. Supplier agreements have not been procured with priority on the service that is applicable to the aftermarket. Are these typical everyday challenges?

E-commerce B2B

E-commerce is growing in business-to-business, generating requirements for new supply chain and logistical solutions. By combining our knowledge and experience in the retail sector and e-commerce with industry expertise, we can help you establish a supply chain that is distinctive from its competitors.

Experience and skills

Many people at Sonat have worked in manufacturing industry. A common background for a “Sonater” is a role as manager or in purchasing, material procurement, production, or transportation planning. We have called on this expertise to develop services in supply chain management that cater specifically to manufacturing.


Kjell Rundqvist

Sales Manager and industry expert

Some of our references

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