How do you respond in the face of fierce competition and discerning customers in the retail and e-commerce sectors?

Retail and e-commerce

Trade is characterised by stiff competition with a multitude of channels and exacting customers. Supply chain management (SCM) is a crucial competitive tool that has a massive impact on revenue, profitability, margins, expenses, working capital and growth capacity.

About Sonat Retail

Since its inception in 2000, Sonat has successfully operated and developed supply chain management and logistics in the retail sector. Demand for our services is steadily on the rise, and as a result we formed the Sonat Retail business area in 2012. Our goal is to grow our customers’ competitiveness.

Supply chain management has a major impact on traders’ competitiveness. With efficient and smart product management, the right products are made available at the right time and in the right quantity. This is essential for full-price sales with good margins.

An efficient supply chain improves business revenues, margins and growth capacity, as well as costs and working capital. Moreover, it is easier to quickly establish new stores and act in multiple sales channels.


Kjell Rundqvist

Sales Manager & Senior Supply Chain Expert

Can you relate to this situation?

  • The flow of products to stores and retail customers is not working
  • We lack a good e-commerce platform
  • The product is not on the shelf when the customer wants to buy
  • We hold too many sales
  • The flow of products is not in sync with the sales campaigns
  • Transport and storage costs are too high and work poorly
  • Responsibility for logistics is unclear in the organisation
  • In-store staff work too much on products and administration instead of interacting with customers
  • Discrepancies between reported and actual number of products in stock make inventory management difficult
  • The supply chain is poorly adapted for growth
  • We need to improve our promise of delivery in e-commerce
  • We do not communicate proactively with our e-commerce customers in the delivery phase
  • We find it difficult to ensure efficiency when delivering e-commerce orders in-store
  • Our returns process does not work. It creates a negative customer experience.

Develop your supply chain

We offer a wide range of consulting services in supply chain management: everything from the strategic development of your company’s supply chain to an individual issue.

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