Our offerings in retail trade and e-commerce

Sonat Retail has a wide range of outsourcing and consulting services for supply chain management and logistics in the retail trade and e-commerce sectors. Our outsourcing assignments are usually conducted in an open-ended manner. But occasionally we build and operate a logistics function for a limited period known as a Build-Operate-Transfer, BOT.

Responsible for product management

We perform activities such as the replenishment and distribution of products to the stores, inventory control, purchases for central warehouse/distribution centre, logistics control (analysis of POS data), forecasting. These activities have a major impact on availability and profitability.

Development of product management

We analyse the supply chain and prepare an action plan and an analysis of categories, space management and a retail pack.

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Responsibility for the supply chain, inventory and transportation

We are responsible for the logistics platform, i.e. its design, development and capabilities, for purchases of logistics services, delivery monitoring and case management, and management of daily logistics.

Supply chain design

We analyse changes in operations and design a smart, efficient product flow.

Inventory efficiency

Improved efficiency leads to lower costs, fewer errors and an improved delivery service.

Inventory optimisation

We have the skills to establish the correct inventory levels and working capital.

Efficient in-store logistics

We analyse logistics management and the physical management of the store.

Effective e-commerce logistics

We help you develop and implement effective e-commerce logistics.


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