Varner Ibrahimovic

Customer service and logistics control tower

The newly created company Varner Ibrahimovic, owned by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and The Varner Group, has given Sonat the responsibility for customer service and a logistics control tower solution.

The assignment includes a responsibility to monitor deliveries, focusing on pro-active problem solving. Sonat communicates directly with the customers and answer all questions about deliveries.

“We want to offer a straight forward shopping experience and develop this as we get more customer insight. We selected Sonat as our partner because of their competence and their will to find new solutions. We can develop together”, says Sebastian Heimfors, COO at Varner Ibrahimovic.

On June 7th, 2016, sales started at in 11 countries in Europe. “We are a tight team in Varner Ibrahimovic, and dependent on strong partners. I am amazed and impressed of how well all partners are working together towards our common mission: Making it possible for anyone to do sports. No matter where you start, no matter where you`ll end up”, says CMO Jens Bonesmo at Varner Ibrahimovic.

We join Varner Ibrahimovic to create a unique customer dialogue, from the first click to when the customer decides to keep the product, Sonat CEO Kjell Rundqvist says. It is a new ability for e-commerce. The shopping experience reaches all the way to your home and back again. Returns handling is important and a large contributor to customer loyalty and additional purchases.

The launch of the brand and the A-Z website is one of its kind and very exciting, says Kjell Rundqvist. We have worked with the Varner Group for several years and we look forward to this new journey!

About Varner Ibrahimovic

Varner Ibrahimovic AB is a joint venture between the Varner Group and Zlatan Ibrahimovic  –

A pair of expensive shoes has never made an athlete. Neither has a t-shirt, a pair of tights, or a membership at a fancy gym. No equipment ever has. To go the whole distance from A-Z, from amateur to Zlatan, you have to practice. That’s my philosophy. This brand is for all you fighters. Every single one of you who knows that nothing is settled during a game, but rather in the 7 million minutes before it even starts. The hours you need to get stronger. Faster. Greater. It’s not about the gear. It’s all about you. And the time it takes to get from A-Z.

With these words Zlatan launcheD his new sports brand