Quality and environment

Our quality policy

In order to guarantee quality, our business operations must comply with our values for customer focus, good relationships, professionalism, development and respect. Our employees undergo continuous training and are offered a work environment where everyone is appreciated for their efforts and expertise. Our goal is to exceed all of our customers’ requirements and expectations.

We are quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001.


Our mission is to generate value for our customers. We do this by:

Providing a good service

Streamlining and developing the supply network

Creating competitive advantages

Our environmental policy

We develop and operate logistics processes for our customers. Our goal is to reduce resource consumption, prevent pollution and cut down on the use of non-renewable natural resources. Our business must, as a minimum, comply with the applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

We are environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001.


In our own business

Environmental management starts with the individual. We are working to improve knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among our employees. We regularly monitor the goals and activities for improvement identified in our business plan. In terms of purchasing and procurement, we see environmental issues as an integral component.


In business assignments

We assume responsibility for our customers’ logistics processes, which leads to both reduced resource consumption and improved business value thanks to improved environmental performance. We monitor environmental legislation and other requirements that impact on our customers’ businesses, and analyse the risks.

Sonat significant environmental aspects

Indirect impact through our customer assignments

Business trips

Supplier’s influence

Use of natural resources (electricity consumption)

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