Fourth-party logistics and consulting services

Supply chain management and logistic

Sonat in its current guise was realised in 2000. There were several reasons, starting with the need for companies to take control of their supply networks in order to improve competitiveness. In addition, IT developments offered access to information that made it possible to control the entire supply chain for the first time. Working in networks, as companies, grew increasingly important, creating a demand for services and operators in fourth-party logistics, 4PL.

Sonat is a development partner in supply chain and logistics with expertise and services in both outsourcing and consulting.

Sonat offers a complete solution that covers everything from the development of strategies for supply chain management to implementing them. We possess all the expertise needed to develop and run the logistics operations of our customers.

Our business is around 80% fourth-party logistics; Sonat serves as your company’s internal department and is able to manage, for example, an entire logistics or transport department. Our services include replenishment, forecasting, master planning, transport administration, pro-active monitoring of deliveries, customer service and much more. Consulting activities in supply chain and logistics forms the remaining 20% of our business.

Sonat has offices in Stockholm and Örebro, but works with customers globally.

Sonat’s business concept

Creating greater competitiveness for our customers by running and developing their supply chains in a cost-efficient way, with rapid responses and with a world-class force for change.

We can boast nearly 100% customer satisfaction

Our efforts cut our customers’ costs while providing an improved service, along with higher quality and flexibility. This leads to a rise in sales, profitability and competitiveness. You won’t be surprised to hear that our customers are extremely satisfied.

Blåa Blommor

Successful partnerships over the years

Varner Ibrahimovic, Apoteket, Unicarriers, Euromaint, Svenska Retursystem, Statoil, Varner Gruppen, Thule, Byredo, Cervera, Nille, Försvarsmakten and Sakab.

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