Executive management

Mattias Norin

CEO Sonat AB and Sonat Consulting AB

Mattias has for many years held leading positions at Sonat. Now as both CEO for Sonat AB and our CEO of the subsidiary Sonat Consulting AB. He has more than twenty years of experience in consulting and supply chain management and has primarily focused on retail, wholesale, brands and e-commerce companies. Mattias has previously worked as a management consultant at Accenture and as business area director at Technia.

Kjell Rundqvist

Sales Manager

Kjell is considered to be one of Sweden's foremost specialists in logistics. He has extensive experience working with business development in global supply chain management, lean production and sourcing and procurement in medium-sized as well as “mega-sized” companies. Over the years, Kjell has overseen a vast number of change processes, as project manager, line manager and adviser to corporate management.

Fredrik Fahlstedt


Fredrik is the head of finance and HR at Sonat. Fredrik has held several positions as head of finance, HR, IT and purchasing over the past 20 years. Primarily, Fredrik has worked in major Swedish international manufacturing companies with a global presence, which greatly contributes to Sonat's broad knowledge in these areas.

Pernilla Johansson

Pernilla Johansson

Business Manager eCom Retail

Pernilla is our customer manager in retail where a well-designed e-commerce platform is a success factor. The customer has chosen Sonat as a partner for customer service and logistics and we call the service eCom Control Tower. Pernilla has long experience in supply chain management and has e.g. worked with logistics production, business development and management within Posten Logistics and IKEA.

Tomas Gustafsson

Business Manager - Svenska Retursystem

Tomas is responsible for Sonat's largest customer, Svenska Retursystem. He is responsible for everything from delivery to development projects. Tomas has over 20 years of experience of logistics, both in manufacturing industry and retail. He has been responsible for many large development projects in supply chain management and has special competence in design and management of reusable systems.

Karl-Johan Eklund

Karl-Johan Eklund

Business Manager Freight

Karl-Johan is the business manager for Sonat's outsourcing customers in the transport area and is responsible for the development and delivery of these businesses. He has over twelve years of experience in outsourcing and business development in supply chain management with a leading position in third-party logistics and transport solutions. Karl-Johan is, with his broad expertise in both national and international trade, a highly valuable asset in Sonat's development.

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